Blossom Gulch has teamed up with PayPal to provide our customers with a quick, easy, and secure method of online ordering. PayPal is the industry leader in e shopping and handles the payment transaction. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account. Clicking on one of the 'add to cart' buttons places that variety in your virtual shopping cart. By doing so you are not committing to purchase. The 'cart' is just a place to get the order together. You can go back and forth between the list and the cart until it's the way you want it. When you are ready click the 'GO TO PAYMENTS' button on the cart. That takes you to PayPal and they handle the transaction. Your information is received, the order processed, and we are notified that an order has been placed. Simple, fast and secure! NOTE: The default shipping date for online ordering is the week of April 3rd, 2017. If you would prefer one of the other available dates (see below under shipping dates) please type a notation in the space provided in the cart. If an additional order is placed to be shipped to the same address any additional shipping charges will not be captured. You authorized for the additional shipping charge but the money is not taken.
For those preferring to order through the mail, simply print out the order form. It is accessed by clicking on the 'ORDER FORM' button at the top of this page. Fill out the form and send it along with your check or money order. When your order is received we will reserve your dahlias by subtracting them from our inventory. We will send an order confirmation. If your internet time is short you can also print our listing. Click on the 'DAHLI LIST' buton also found at the top of this page. If you do print our list and don't order right away please check the website for availability. We update the list as needed throughout the season. We can also send the list and order form if requested. Write to us at;
Shipping is a flat rate of $9.95. If your order is added onto at a later date there is no additional shipping charge. The 'cart' will charge additional shipping but that charge is not captured.
Your choices of shipping dates are any week from March 27th to the week of May 8th, 2017. We ship at the beginning of each week. We are not able to ship before or after these dates.
Our clean , healthy tubers are guaranteed to be true to name and have at least one live growth point (eye). Each and every tuber is grown, confirmed, labeled, stored and inspected by us. Your tubers will arrive packed in cedar chips inside of a plastic bag. The bag is boxed with wadded newsprint to insure a safe trip. We do not store our tubers with sulphur. We advise against re-using the chips as garden mulch. Western Red Cedar is known to contain growth inhibitors.
Like so many things, Dahlia prices are based on rarity and demand. Varieties that have been around for awhile and produce abundant healthy, easily stored tubers are usually $4 to $6. Brand new varieties range between $12 and $30 because there are not many to go around. Those in the middle are either fairly recent introductions, do not produce many tubers, or the tubers do not store well.
When seeing the large flowered Dahlia varieties for the first time many folks can hardly believe they are real. How can a bloom get so big? Well it's something that the hybridizers have been working on for a very long time. Varieties have been produced that are capable of reaching 12-16". I say capable because they will not usually get that large unless certain cultural practices are followed. One first has to plan on providing plenty of water and nutrients throughout the growing season. They must also be restricted by de-branching and disbudding so that the growth is channeled into just a few (3-5) blooms. It is challenging and perhaps not for most as one may opt for dozens and dozens of blooms from the same space without all the fuss. If you are trying the 'big ones' for the first time you should know that they will be large but to grow them huge takes some work
As stated above, the printable list and order form are accessable at the top of this page. They are in the pdf format which requires a reader to view. Most computers today are equipped with such a reader.
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